Consulting services on corporate, tax and labor issues

Our consulting services on corporate matters include the following:
•    Analysis of the most adequate corporate structure
•    Assistance in drafting up Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Shareholders’ Agreements
•    Keeping of statutory books
•    Consulting services relating to commercial agreements
•    Financial Statement analysis (Balance Sheet and Income Statement restructuring, calculation of profitability, financial and capital indices and ratios)
•    Preparation of budgets and business plans, management control
•    Valuation of businesses and relevant interests and assets
•    Company governance
•    Management, company and group restructuring and reorganization (transformation, merger, demerger, liquidation, contribution, transfer and leasing of companies)
•    Participation in the activities of internal and external auditors
•    Generational handover (gift agreements, trusts, family covenants, succession planning)
•    Concessional loans (selection regulations [announcements], funds and contributions, relations with international development bodies)
•    Supervisory Bodies under Legislative Decree 231/2001

In the accounting and tax practice areas, our firm provides the following services:
•    Processing of accounting data (with assistance in case of data entry performed at the client’s offices)
•    Consulting on administrative, accounting and tax issues
•    Processing and transmission of tax returns and declarations, auditor’s approval of tax returns, swearing and certification of fiscal documents, fulfillment of further tax obligations
•    Drafting of annual and half-year Financial Statements in compliance with Italian and international accounting principles and laws
•    Consolidated Financial Statements

Our firm provides assistance, also through specialized consultants and attorneys, on the following labor matters:
•    Payroll processing
•    Evaluation and establishment of employment relations and contracts
•    Drafting up of contracts
•    Notifications to competent Authorities
•    Assistance in employees’ reorganization processes
•    Individual and collective dismissal
•    Access to social security benefits procedures
•    Assistance in verification and inspection phases
•    Assistance in conciliation procedures
•    Management of relations with Trade Unions