Paolo Calato

Founding partner

Practice Areas

Corporate and Tax Consulting
Insolvency Procedures
Merger and acquisition 
Consulting and Assistance to Financial Institutions
Tax Litigation
Company Internationalization


Paolo Calato started his practice as Certified Public Accountant and Auditor in 1990. He provides assistance most notably on corporate and tax issues, Financial Statement analysis, valuation of businesses, tax litigation, auditing and on civil, tax and accounting issues with reference to financial institutions. Moreover, Mr. Calato assists businesses in the course of internationalization processes, most notably in connection with missions abroad and the analysis of corporate, accounting and financial issues arising under foreign jurisdictions. He is a speaker at conferences organized by trade associations and training companies on topics relating to his areas of expertise.


Paolo Calato serves as an auditor in companies and public bodies, where he holds the role of Chairman or Regular Member of the Board of Internal Auditors. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of several companies. He frequently serves as Court-appointed Expert at the Court of Lecco, and also performs the functions of Receiver, Court Commissioner, Liquidator and Court-appointed Liquidator.

Academic qualifications

University “Federico II”, Naples, Degree in economics and corporate legislation
University “Federico II”, Naples, Chartered Accountant and Auditor qualification

Foreign Languages